Police and Businesses Prep for Halloween

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Downtown Ashland is preparing for one of their busiest nights of the year. Businesses are opening early and police are coming in late to work the night shift.

It’s going to be a crazy night down below, but police say they are not doing anything out of the ordinary this year. There will be more than 30 officers on foot walking around making sure the grown up ghosts and goblins behave themselves.

Once again the Ashland Police Department is getting assistance from the Talent, Phoenix, And Medford Police departments, along with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Restaurants and police both say safety is their number one priority. NewsWatch12 spoke with Paddy’s Irish Pub who says it is taking extra security measures, placing a bouncer at the door to check IDs.

“I’m sure there are going to be people trying to sneak in, but you know we are going to have to check people’s faces. If they have a mask they’re going to have to take it off to check ID,” said Paddy’s owner, Stefanie De Kesel.

Paddy’s also says it overstocked its beverages, and has all employees working tonight to accommodate the Halloween crowd.