Police Alert for High Drivers in Wash.

seattle police(CNN) — Business was booming earlier this week when Washington State’s first recreational pot stores opened for business. Recreational cannabis is legal for adults over 21 in Washington. Seattle Police officer Mike Lewis said they are now seeing an increase in people who are driving while high.

“It’s legal to posses in personal amounts,” said Officer Lewis. “It’s legal to smoke in private, but it’s not legal to get stoned and get behind the wheel of a car.”

Washington voters approved recreational marijuana in 2012, but the roll out of pot just started this week.


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  1. Annie says:

    My Goodness!! Who could have foreseen this?????
    & they say their next step for Oregon is legalizing ALL street drugs. They just want the people to vote for their measure this fall & then……….
    That is a quote from the puppet master of this push pot agenda.
    You think the domestics doubled with the alcohol usage we have now? Wait until anyone who wants to use pot gets their hands on it freely. We will have to make bigger hospitals & cemeteries…guaranteed. Drug usage inhibits clear thinking.
    Go ahead. Vote for it & see what happens. Or be reasonable & put an end to this nonsense.
    Your choice..

  2. CannabisTV says:

    Thanks for the laugh Annie. It’s funny to see old school ignorant prohibitionists spew their stupidity. It’s like hearing racist fools in the 1950s talk about how all blacks are beasts that are ready to rape and pillage the women all over town. The nice thing is that you and your kind are like flames flickering out on a candle that’s burned with hatred much too long already. I promise you, there is NOTHING you can do to stop this change. I personally guarantee it, it’s awesome. I honestly wonder if you really are that stupid or if you’re just a great troll, inciting anger in others. Either way, like I said, it doesn’t matter at all.

    You can continue to spew your racist, anachronistic propaganda fueled hatred as long as you desire because the sea change has taken effect. The vast majority of American are realizing how brainwashed by the government they were, and with trust and support of government at an all time low, you can be sure that people are taking a second look at this awesome, amazing, safe and effective medicine and even it’s use as a safe alternative to the addictive poison recreation drug called alcohol.

    “Your choice” you said? You’re damn right it is, and I’ve made mine and the voters of the state of Oregon have as well, and we voted to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, and we’re one of the 23 states in this country that have done so. In a short time, Oregon will also vote to legalize recreational use of cannabis, putting us at the forefront of an amazing new industry, not to mention the addition of industrial hemp as another newly created industry that will allow more Oregonians to prosper in their pursuit of liberty and freedom.

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