Police Agencies Tap into Cell Phones

cell phoneMEDFORD, Ore. — Privacy on cell-phones are becoming a thing of the past. Several police agencies across the nation can tap into mobile data without your permission.

According to a new finding, nearly 30 police agencies own what’s called a Stingray. It’s a device that’s usually attached to a car, acting as a fake cell tower. It can trick nearby mobile devices to connect to it and feed data back to police.

The Medford Police Department doesn’t have a device like it but the department does what’s called a “tower dump.” It’s whenphone tower. In Oregon, law enforcement can only collect that data with a warrant.

“The last thing we want to be doing is pushing the envelope to where we wouldn’t have access to that. That would be a bad thing. That’s why we are careful when we use it. We always make sure we have court orders and are not violating anyone’s rights by accessing their cell phone information,” explained Lt. Mike Budreau.

These findings were collected  from more than 125 police agencies in 33 states.