Playground Equipment Too Hot to Touch

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The heat is not keeping kids off the playground, but it is heating up the equipment.

The Bear Creek playground was built back in 1988 and it is almost completely made of wood, but the slides are made of metal and the metal gets hot as the day progresses. Even during the evening, it’s almost too hot to touch.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon kids were taking their chances and going down one of the slides that was partially shaded. But most of the kids, the brave souls that ventured out to the park in the mid-day heat, were sticking to the swings and other parts of the playground that was in the shade once the afternoon rolled around.

Pacific Domes manufactures playground domes made of steel, but they use a powdered paint that keeps the metal cool.

“This actually you could climb on it and if a child was to swing and hang down from it, it wouldn’t burn their hands,” explains CEO Asha Deliverance. “They would actually be able to hold on and actually it cools off as you hold on slightly, but it’s basically the temperature of your skin.”

Some of their domes also come with covers to keep kids out of the heat on hot, sunny summer days Newer playground equipment is also using the powdered paint to keep the metal from not getting too hot.