Plastic Recycling Round-Up Begins

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Jackson County is shedding about 80,000 pounds in unwanted plastic. Friday marked the first of two spring plastic roundups hosted by the Jackson County Recycling Partnership. This is the sixth year of the event.

A total of 60 master recycler volunteers are assisting in the round-up. Those volunteers go through eleven weeks of training to haul the plastic, which last year added up to about eight-and-a-half semi-trailer loads.

Event organizers say it’s a great way for people to dispose of plastic items too big or unusual to leave on the side of the road.

“If we did not have this event, 80-thousand pounds of plastic would have gone into the landfill last October. So it’s definitely helping our environment,” said Master Recycler Coordinator Denise Barnes.

The event will continue Friday. People are welcome to drive up with their recyclable plastic from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The second of the two events has not yet been announced.