Plans for New Jacksonville Brewery

Brewhaus Owners Plan BreweryJACKSONVILLE, Ore. — The owners of a popular Southern Oregon venue now want to open a brewery on site, but first they are trying to make sure they meet the city’s requirements.

The owners of Bigham Knoll in Jacksonville want to honor the town’s tradition with brewing by creating a new brewery, and they are trying to gather support. The owners have been meeting with city leaders about fulfilling the requirements in order to start building the small brewery, which would be located in the same area as the Schoolhaus Brewhaus restaurant and bar at Bigham Knoll.

Co-Owner Brooke Ashland said they are already growing their own hops on the land, and want to begin brewing German beer in what would be Jacksonville’s first nano-brewery. Ashland said they have already met many of the town’s requirements, and now are working to convince city leaders that the operation would not cause a nuisance to neighbors or the surrounding area.

“Will the brewery impact the neighborhood in terms of odors or fumes or cinders or noise or vibration?” Ashland said. “The types of things that keep the neighbors unhappy.

Ashland said she and her husband have been reaching out to other large brewing companies in southern Oregon to find ways to make sure the operation cooperates with the community and city leaders. The owners will meet with Jacksonville city leaders at a meeting Oct. 9.


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  1. Ed says:

    That’s all we need in Jacksonville, That town was started by gold mining, Not brewing beer

  2. Tim says:

    Why don’t they ask the people of Jacksonville to vote on if they want a smelly, stinkey brewery in there town. They stopped the OPP mine from reopening, Because of the noice, incresed traffic, ect. Now they might have to now deal with drunk driver’s leaving this place.

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