Plane Crash Near White City

plane crash

WHITE CITY, Ore —  A local pilot is reportedly uninjured after his small plane crashed in a White City field.

Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies say the pilot was attempting to take off in his single engine plane when it lost power just after leaving the ground.

The pilot apparently tried to glide the plane back to the airport, but was not able to make it and crashed into a fence at a neighboring farm.

“I think he was pretty lucky. It goes without saying that plane crashes can be pretty devastating. The fact that he was able to glide the aircraft down and set it down, and the only reason he had damage is because he struck a fence after he set it down. He didn’t have the power to get over the fence,” said Deputy Steven Scow of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials say both the fence and aircraft were damaged, but the pilot was uninjured.