Pizza Delivery Man Chases Down Car Thief

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A bizarre game of cat and mouse has a suspected car thief on the run, with his victim chasing after him.

That suspect, 28-year old transient man Teddy Wayne Peckham, is now in custody.

The victim, a vigilante pizza delivery truck driver, says he was fortunate he happened to be delivering a pizza to a friend at the time, and that his friend has his own car.

“He’s jumping into action real fast. And… We’re gone,” said Robert Folger, a pizza delivery man with Angelo’s Pizza Parlor.

The car chase took them all the way from West Medford toward Jacksonville, and into Central Point. At first it was just Robert and his friend Josh on the driver’s tail.

Then law enforcement joined in.

“I was talking to them on dispatch on the phone and they’re telling me there’s cops, they have spike strips set up down at Rossanley [Drive],” said Folger. “And that’s where the real chase started.”

That chase ended with a short foot pursuit before Peckham was caught.

Sheriff’s deputies say if it weren’t for Robert and Josh keeping them in on their location, it would have gone much differently.

But it’s usually best to just stay home.

“People in this situation, sometimes they get a little excited, may not follow directions very well,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Noah Strohmeyer. “In this particular case it worked out fine, but not advisable.”

Robert’s car is now in the shop with minor damages.

And Robert goes right back to work, this time with a new story to tell.

“I’m sure I’ll be getting asked on a lot of deliveries, ‘hey was that you?’ yeah… That was me,” said Folger.