Pipeline Project Underway Near Ashland

6-16 rob web TAPASHLAND, Ore. — A move bringing more water to Ashland has been talked about for years by city officials and is now underway.

Construction crews are working on a pipeline project near Ashland and Talent. Right now, the construction is on Highway 99 near the intersection with South Valley View Road.

In the last 10 days, 9,000 feet of pipe has been laid, with crews laying as much as 1,200 feet in a day. Project officials said once completed, T.A.P. will bring Ashland more water in the case of an emergency.

“We’ll turn some valves and we’ll start pumping water and then it start mixing with our city’s water. So, between Reeder Reservoir and T.I.D. and T.A.P. water, we’re able to actually provide clean water to the city,” said senior project manager Morgan Wayman.

The entire T.A.P. project is expected to wrap up by mid-August.