Pipe Burst Risk Increases

pipes breakMEDFORD, Ore. — Plumbers say that warming weather is creating a big risk for pipe bursting.

Right now, companies like Accurate Plumbing are making as many as 25 calls a day, with over eighty people on their waiting list. The cold weather causes water in the pipes to freeze and expand, in many cases stretching and cracking the pipes.

When it thaws, the water comes out the broken sections of pipe and plumbers expect that thawing to continue throughout the weekend.

“There’s a lot of homes that don’t see a lot of sun, they don’t have good insulation, good heat. And when they start to get that little bit of warmer weather for 3 to 4 days consistently, that’s when their stuff is going to unthaw,” explained Eric Daniel, a plumber with Associated Plumbing.

Plumbers say the best way to prepare is to know where the valve is to shut off water pressure. That way if a pipe bursts you can prevent flooding before it does any serious damage.