Pinehurst Inn Remains Open During Fire

8-2 pinehurst2NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Despite the Oregon Gulch Fire being just a few miles away, owners of the Pinehurst Inn say they’ll continue to stay open and operate as a rest stop for visitors and fire personnel.

Thick clouds of smoke could be seen over a ridge next to the inn, right off Highway 66. But the inn continues to operate, despite the fact that all guests from Friday night cancelled their reservations.

Co-owner Donnie Rowlett says the property, just a few miles from the fire, is doing okay for now. And as a volunteers at the Greensprings Fire Department, he says he’s familiar with how to prepare.

“We’ve got the emergency supplies in the car and all the photographs in the car, but we’re treating this as business as usual pretty much,” said Rowlett. “If they raise that to a level three evacuation then we’ll throw the bags in the car and head on out.”

Rowlett says they do have some customers who are still booked over the weekend. He also says they’ll continue to operate even if vacant, so that they can continue functioning as a rest stop for those in the area.