Pierce and Co-Defendants Indicted

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MEDFORD, Ore. – It took a grand jury just fifteen minutes to indict a jail nurse accused of selling heroin to an inmate. Behind closed doors, the jurors handed down an indictment on 45-year-old Camilla Pierce and the three other co-defendants involved in the case.

The seven-person grand jury met Thursday morning. The Jackson County Deputy District Attorney handling this case, Jeremy Markiewicz, could not say why the decision was so quick for the jurors.

Markiewicz says there was only one person who testified before the grand jury, Detective Tim Kennedy with the Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Team. The Deputy D.A. could not tell us why Detective Kennedy was the only person to speak, but because the investigation is still on-going, much of the details will not be released till the case is officially closed.

Now that the official charges are set for Pierce and the three other people involved, the court can begin moving forward.

“Now, with the indictment return, the indictments will be filed with the court and the court will set an arraignment dates on those indictment for each of those co-defendant,” explained Jackson County Deputy D.A. Jeremy Markiewicz.

The three other people indicted are Jade Powell, Corey Blakey, and Andrew Caucutt. The probable cause affidavit reveals Caucutt arranged for Pierce to meet Powell outside the jail to receive money and drugs. She gave the heroin to Caucutt and kept the 500 dollars. Caucutt is facing state charges along with his existing federal charges. The Jackson County Jail could not say what those charges were for. The information would have to be cleared through the U.S. Marshal’s Service.

Pierce is out of the Jackson County Jail. She was released Wednesday. NewsWatch 12 contacted Pierce and her family, but they did not want to comment on the case.