Photographer Does Pictures For Soldiers

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – A Central Point woman is volunteering her photography skills to help bring a smile to our troops overseas.

Sarah Molloy is looking to photograph families with a loved one overseas or a family member about to be deployed. She will then develop and process the photos before sending them overseas.

“They want to have that picture on their fireplace or their desk at work and they don’t. Photography is very expensive, it’s expensive to hire somebody to do that. I just wanted to help,” said Molloy.

Molloy also said she was inspired when she got the call to photograph an Eagle Scout who sent care packages to troops over seas. She will be setting up the shoot the last weekend in October. Contact Sarah Molloy at 541-944-4003 for scheduling your photo session. Her e-mail is: Sarahmolloyphotography@yahoo.com. She can also be reached at her Facebook page.