Phone App Helps Save Man’s Life

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A local man is thanking a smartphone for helping him survive a heart attack.

Earlier this month, Kenny Smith started experiencing chest pains. He checked his heart rate using the app “Cardiograph” on his smartphone. When his heart beat came up irregular, he headed to Providence Medford Medical Center where he had a heart attack.

“Lucky, there was definitely some divine intervention there…to get me to the hospital on time,” Smith recalled. “I’m not one that normally goes to the doctor for very much.”

“In Kenny’s case, that app was lifesaving, because it provided just enough encouragement for him to the come to the emergency department, and that’s what saved his life,” explained Dr. Chris Cannon at Providence Medford Medical Center.

Doctors say although the smartphone app can be a useful tool, you should never ignore other signs of a heart attack because of a reading on your smartphone.