Phoenix High School & City Fundraising with Fireworks

By Danielle Craig

PHOENIX, Ore. — The season to sell and buy fireworks is now underway. There are several stands set up across the region, but one tent is selling fireworks to make up for gaps in the budget.

They’re dollars that are hard to come by these days. With costs rising, and funds dropping, both the Phoenix High School band and city Chamber of Commerce are fundraising with fireworks for a burst of cash.

Some of the high school’s 80 band students are working, holding signs, and selling fireworks to pay up to $500 in band camp and competition fees for the year. The chamber says it’s been a rough year; it’s been forced to close its doors more days than ever before.

The Phoenix High School band and the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to operate the tent. All of the money raised through fireworks sale will be split between the two organizations. The money that goes to the Chamber of Commerce will keep the doors open.

The fireworks tent is in the Ray’s Parking lot, just west of the Phoenix exit off I-5. It’s open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. through July 4th.