Petitions Gathered for 2014 Ballot

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Jackson County Primary Elections are several months away, but local volunteer groups are gearing up to get their measures on the 2014 ballot.

Only one measure is scheduled so far for next May’s election: the petition to end the growth of genetically modified crops in Jackson County.

While that measure will appear on the ballot, others are still up in the air. The group Friends of Research and Extension are passionately pursuing an end to the budget battles and ensure the extension center stays. Volunteers make up the group, and they say they’re looking to help keep all of the extension services alive, not just 4H or Master Gardeners.

Friends of Research and Extension’s Chairman says the entire facility makes a significant impact on the entire county. The group is currently working on getting Jackson County cities on board to sign resolutions agreeing to be a part of a taxing district.

The group’s potential tax would cost five cents per thousand dollars of property value, this would ease the worries if county funding continues to fall through.

“So, by getting a taxing district and by getting a special services district we don’t have to go through that nail chewing budget process with the county every year,” said Jack Duggan.

The group presented to Eagle Point on Wednesday night, next they’ll present their resolution to Gold Hill and then Jacksonville.
If the group gets approval of cities in the county, they’ll move forward to file the petition and then it will be all about getting signatures. The group plans to gather 20,000 by October 25th; the deadline is November 1st.