Petition To Make Jackson Co. ‘GMO-Free’

MEDFORD, Ore. — A Jackson County organization is hoping to have a ban of genetically modified organisms on the ballot in 2013.

GMO-Free Jackson County initially hoped to have the necessary signatures on a petition turned in today and have measure on the ballot this November.

However, a hang up in the courts caused a delay of more than two months. Today, the group took their petition and cover sheet to the the court to be certified by the county clerk.

“As soon as the petition is certified by the county, then we will start collecting signatures on it. We’re looking to gather about 6,000 signatures in Jackson County in order to put it on the ballot,” explains Eli Dumitru, with GMO-Free Jackson County.

Dumitru says they also have to get approval form the county commissioners for the 2013 ballot. The group says that at the heart of the move is a health issue.


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  1. Barbara Ingram says:

    We need to get this done, I see Walmart will be selling GMO corn, this is sad, I won’t be shopping there!

    1. Vic Carlson says:

      Place a moratorium on GMO crops in Oregon.

  2. Recall Mike says:

    They should be organizing to recall Sheriff Mike Winters, that would really help the community

  3. Linda says:

    GMO-free Jackson County…Bring some of those petitions to Rogue River!.I’ll get some signed for you..:) Josephine County Also! No GMO’s !!!!!!

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