Pet Saved from Ashland Mobile Home Fire

Ashland mobile park fireASHLAND, Ore. — Firefighters were able to rescue a pet from a fire at a mobile home park Monday morning.

Crews from Fire District 5 and Ashland Fire responded to the fire at the Bear Creek Mobile estates outside Ashland around 9 a.m.

They said the person inside the house saw smoke coming out of the bathroom, and quickly got outside. Then, they said the man tried to get back inside to save his cat. Firefighters prevented him from re-entering the building, and crews were able to get inside, knock down the flames, and pulled the cat out safely.

“Once you’re outside the structure and you’re safe, stay outside,” said Fire District 5 Chief Dan Marshall. “That way you can be helped by fire department when they get there and you can also give us some information.”

Fire crews are still looking into what sparked those flames. Firefighters said part of the home suffered serious smoke damage.