Pesticide Company Punishment Ruling

timberCURRY COUNTY, Ore.– A company accused of exposing Curry County residents to pesticides, and then falsely disclosing information about it, is being handed down a punishment. Pacific Air Research, Inc. is being forced to pay a $10,000 civil penalty, and will lose it’s license for one year.

An investigation began in 2013 after the community complained about being exposed to chemicals from helicopters spraying nearby timber land. Testing found positive traces of strong pesticides and concluded the White City-based company violated the pesticide control laws.

The company is also accused of providing false records and misleading the Oregon Department of Agriculture during their investigation.



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  1. Gaia says:

    Pretty lame “punishment” for such a heinous crime. Pacific Air Research (what a name for a polluter!) needs to be paying all medical bills for those poisoned by their criminal acts. In addition, they need to be put out of business permanently.

    What sort of sanctions would there be for an individual who did the same sort of poisoning to the general population? Massive jail time, for sure. Since corporations like to think of themselves as “individuals” with all the resultant rights, shouldn’t they in turn also experience all the resultant punitive measures for criminal acts? This is just reprehensible.

  2. Citizen A says:

    This is just one such spraying that has been disclosed to the public. Where else has this company performed similar sprays? Who else have they put at risk? I hope every citizen affected by this spray files civil lawsuits against the company. Totally in agreement with Gaia – pretty lame punishment. Why aren’t criminal penalties being brought for providing false records? We teach a culture of greed when authorities simply assess small fines – which in some circles might be considered a bribe.

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