Pescadero Project To Help Homeless Teens

By Yessenia Anderson

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — An effort to provide a home to the young homeless teenagers in Southern Oregon is getting started. Organizers say they hope the community will have a hand in making this project come to life.

The plan began as a way to target those teens whose families might have been displaced during the housing crisis, but organizers say this project is much more than just providing a roof over their head.

The organization has already received the help of the local Lions Club and local merchants, but is still looking for skilled construction workers. The plan is to build the portable home through the summer to be ready for the fall semester.

The requirements for the teen is that he or she has to help in the build to receive a full year of use rent free, but the project works also works on a pay it forward agreement. That same teen will have to sign up to build another “home on wheels” for another teen in need. Organizers say they hope to involve the community in raising awareness of a problem that is growing in our area.

The project hopes to expand in the future to help other groups of people in need such as battered women or veterans.