People Claim Spots Early for Parade


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ASHLAND, Ore. — The Fourth of July parade in Ashland is still a day away, but residents and visitors are already gearing up for the celebration.

People have already reserved their spots by either laying down blankets, setting up chairs, taping off, or any combination of the three. People were out on the parade route as early as six in the morning today, claiming their spots, trusting that others would respect their space based on the honor system.

Both the city and the police department say they cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen materials that are left unattended through the day. The city says patrons cannot lay tarps and blankets on grass and they cannot set up any private property.

Emily Strong has gone to the parade for the last 13 years, and she says she gets out to reserve a spot every year. “Ideally, you have shade. Ideally, you have friends that you are in front of on a porch with a bathroom, but I don’t have that…a little bit higher up is good,” says Strong.

The streets of Ashland will be completely full tomorrow, and the parade will kick off at 10 a.m. The parade route will also be closed for parking on the street starting Friday morning at 5:30.