Pedestrian Right of Way Sting Operation

Pedestrian Right of Way CrackdownGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Dozens of drivers are facing fines after failing to yield to pedestrians.

Last week the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety handed out 69 citations in a distracted driving sting operation.

Of those citations, 46 were issued to drivers who refused to stop while pedestrians crossed the street, five additional drivers were given tickets for not wearing their seat belts, and sixteen miscellaneous citations were also written.

The crackdown took place on June 13 at the intersection of southeast M Street and Eighth Street.

“What we do is we tend to focus on the intersections, or better, the crosswalks that have a lot of foot traffic in that area, such as residential and school zones,” said Lt. Todd Moran with Grants Pass Public Safety.

The sting operation was funded through the Oregon Impact Grant, a grant given to police departments across the state to bump up enforcement on impaired or distracted driving.

According to Moran, two more sting operations are set to place throughout the summer.