Pear Season Average This Year

pearsTALENT, Ore. — While some states reported record breaking pear harvests, pear orchardists in the Rogue Valley say their pear harvests were just average.

A few left over pears remain on trees and on the ground, but for the most part the good pears have been picked, and are now being boxed up and sent to retailers.

Pear harvest came early this year, but it also ended early, and finding people to pick those pears was a struggle for local pear orchardists.

“Out of the 8 we got two pickers that would be half of a good pear picker so we really got one picker out of 8,” said Ron Meyer at Meyer Orchards.

The nice fall weather is currently helping orchardists prepare for next year. They are able to cut and burn limbs infected with blight, and spray nutrients on the trees to help them stay healthy through the winter.