Pear Crop Down This Year

Pear CropTALENT, Ore. — The pear crop forecast is down this year from year’s past.  Orchardists say this due to an early season frost along with natural causes.

The drought is not impacting the pear crop at many orchards.  Most orchardists pull water from irrigation districts.  This will keep them from running out of water and save their crop.

There is concern from orchardists who are only getting their water from lakes and streams because those will dry up as the drought persists.

Last year the Rogue Valley experienced a record setting pear harvest, and orchardists said they are not surprised about the pear crop being down.

“If we have a heavy crop one year they will take a little rest the next year, so it depends if you overload them too much, they are going to take a bigger rest the next year,” said Ron Meyer, owner of Meyer Orchards.

The pear crop this year is estimated to be down 14 percent from last year, and eight percent from an average year.

According to Meyer, pears this year will be plump, clean, and have a good finish.  Orchardists are also looking to harvest pears about a week earlier, which will benefit those dealing with drought conditions.