Pear Blossom Festival Breaks Records

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The 61st annual Pear Blossom Festival is being deemed a success.  Festival directors said this year they had more vendors and visitors than ever before.

The parade brought in roughly 30,000 people, and anywhere between 15,000 to 18,000 festival goers visited the street fair.

More than 100 vendors set up their booths in Pear Blossom Park in downtown Medford. While some served food, others sold crafts and jewelry, but there were also some new and unique booths like a booth dedicated to body piercings.

“We do everything waist up,” said Wendy Stone, Owner of Glamorous Salon. “We chose a long time ago not to do anything below the belt, so we do a lot of belly buttons and noses and beauty marks and a lot of just ear piercing and cartilage is pretty much the gamut.”

The venue for the festival also doubled in size this year.

“Last year we had the first pear blossom park. Second park block is now open with the amphitheater, so we are utilizing both,” said Diane Bentley Raymond, Metro Medford Downtown Association Executive Director.

It is estimated the street fair portion of the festival will bring in roughly $30,000.  The money will go to the Metro Medford Downtown Association.

“All of the dollars that are made off of the street fair go back into revitalizing downtown, and that’s exciting. So everybody is really playing a role in moving the future of downtown forward,” said Raymond.