Peanut Recall Affects Food Pantry

MEDFORD, Ore. – The nationwide peanut butter recall has had local food pantries taking precautions. Locally food pantries have had to keep an eye on the peanut butter on their shelves. Hundreds of products have now been recalled over salmonella concerns stemming from peanuts from New Mexico based Sunland, Inc.

When access first heard the recall officials say they weren’t taking any chances and pulled all peanut butter in case the recall expanded to include more products. ACCESS Nutrition Director Phillip Yates says they learned what to do from a similar recall on peanut butter a few years ago. Yates says peanut butter is a favorite with the people that come to the pantry.

“It’s a product that’s high in protein, and protein is often one of those products that we lack. It comes in canned meats and canned fish and other things, but peanut butter, especially for kids, is a prime thing,” said Yates.

Yates says a timely donation of almond butter will help offset the absence of peanut butter. More than a thousand jars of almond butter will be labeled and put on the shelves tomorrow. The recalled peanut butter includes products sold at Walmart, Target and Costco. ACCESS will put peanut butter not affected by the recall back on the shelves of the pantry some time this week.