Peace Pole Dedicated to Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford is taking part in a mutli-day conference to help strengthen the state’s relationship with China.

This weekend marks the fifth annual Oregon China Investment, Education, Culture, and Tourism Conference. On Saturday, the city joined thousands of others in Oregon by accepting a peace pole in downtown Medford.

Representatives along with exchange students, and local residents came together and held flags from across the globe as a symbol of world peace.

The peace pole was dedicated to Medford as a reminder that peace can start with one person, but it takes everyone to make a difference.

“Peace prevails on earth only if peace prevails within individuals because countries are made up of people and governments represent their people, and so we need to start all across the world caring for each other, being concerned about one another and realizing that we are all a part of the human family,” said Rep. Dennis Richardson, Oregon State Representative.

The peace pole represents four different languages prevalent here in the Rogue Valley including English, Spanish, Native American Lakota and Chinese.  It will permanently be placed in the U.S. Cellular Fields next week.