Patrol Officers Keep Eye Out For Vehicle

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Police and the public have the description of a vehicle seen leaving the scene of the bombing in downtown Medford Wednesday morning at the District Attorney’s office.   So now, police patroling the streets of Medford are  on the lookout.

“We try to take in as much information as we can as we know this is the information agent and all of our senses count into that,” said Officer Jason Wileman.

Patrol officers have the same description the public does; a black, or dark colored, two door sports car with a long front end that could belong to a witness or even the suspect.  Even though they have a description, officers can’t focus on just those vehicles.

“Once you start looking for one type of vehicle, you see it every place, so for us, the trick is not to get target locked on that one car,” said Officer Wileman.

Finding a vehicle matching the released description, however, doesn’t necessarily mean they can pull it over.

“Of course I can’t just violate people’s rights and stop every car that meets that description, I have to find a reason that is legally justifiable to stop that car and then the investigation begins from there. Start looking for tell-tale signs of whatever crime we’re trying to investigate,” said Officer Wileman.

Officer Wileman said when tips do come in, the more complete the description and information, the faster they can act.

“If you can give us a name, give us a location, if you can come up with a specific description and license plate number for the car and then we can take it from there. The more information we can get, the better, so we can act on those tips more quickly,” said Officer Wileman.