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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. – A Jacksonville woman is hoping that a long-closed popular park and swimming hole on the Applegate River could be the focus of an economic revival in the Applegate Valley.

For nearly seven years, one of the most popular swimming holes on the Applegate River has been off-limits to the general public. The privately owned two acre park was heavily vandalized. So the owners shut it down. Now Christina Duane of Jacksonville wants to see it become a family-friendly place again.

“My focus is wanting to see families together, the extended families, and generations together,” Duane says.

Duane is currently in Escrow to buy the park land, with plans to add features with an Old West flavor.

“It’s going to be a frontier park theme, so Native American and pioneer things!” Duane says. “We’re going to have log frames around the gates with the beautiful signage.”

To finance the project, she’s created a non-profit organization called “Oh Oregon Frontier Park”, an outgrowth of a musical review she created, which tours the western U.S. Her contacts in the production also influence her plans for the donor-funded park.

“We’re just going to be in the land acquisition phase and signage this year. The summer camps will start in 2013,” She says. “And the visitors center will come in March, of next year. So we have that time-table laid out for opening the park.”

One Sunday a month, the park will welcome church groups. A deal with the Applegate River Ranch House next door will provide accommodations and wedding connections. The store next door welcomes the project as well.

“It’s a great swimming hole, probably the best swimming hole on the Applegate! And, y’know, if she can get it under control and people take care of it, it’ll be good for the community,” says Patrick Reynolds at the Applegate Store.

For information on becoming a partner in rebuilding the old wayside park, contact the website for the non-profit “Oh Oregon Frontier Park” at frontierpark.org or call Christina Duane at 541-292-7829.

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  1. Kacee says:

    I remember the park as a child, spending many summer days at the swimming hole. It was a great time, and the park brings back a lot of good memories with family and friends. It will be great to see it open once again. Too bad I’m moving out of state next week! I would have enjoyed being a part of this…
    I hope to visit if I’m ever back on the west coast.

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