Parents Seek Alternatives Due to Strike

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MEDFORD, Ore. — While negotiations continue, some parents of students in the Medford School District are taking action and looking for education elsewhere.

More than 460 students attend Saint Mary’s, and this week has been nothing out of the ordinary as the school year continues along as scheduled. While the Medford School District is running an altered schedule during the strike, some parents of students are making a switch.

This week alone, Saint Mary’s has enrolled two new sixth graders who are coming from Medford elementary schools. Overall interest is up in Saint Mary’s, even before the strike went into effect last week.

Head of Saint Mary’s middle school, Chris Johnson, says the increased interest in moving over to Saint Mary’s comes from families who were already planning on making a switch and the strike has pushed them to make their decision sooner.

“The strike in the public system, I think has really brought things into focus for them, and they’ve made the decision, ‘Why are we waiting? Why don’t we join St. Mary’s now instead of waiting for a year or waiting for two years,’” Johnson said.

Two years ago during the Eagle Point strike, Saint Mary’s also welcomed a student who made the switch in the final month of the school year.


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  1. Jim Fish says:

    I think parents need to go in your child’s class room and see for your self. Don’t let these roomers and propaganda keep your kids out of school. My second grader has only 19 kids in his class. As so many parents keep kids home. He is having a great time with his friends and he even met some new ones.

  2. Stacy Mc says:

    I don’t understand why parents want to keep there children out of school or look elsewhere for an education. My 3 kids have been going and they say the class size is the same. I have been going over home work brought home and it looks to me that the learning process is the same.

  3. Ron says:

    I just went to help out at my chid’s party this morning and the other posts on here sum it up . My daughter has only 21 kids in her class. We had a great time don’t deprive your kids and use them as a pawn in this.

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