Parents Petition New Principal

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Some parents at a Central Point elementary school are asking that a recently-hired principal be removed until a pending lawsuit in finished, but the district is standing behind her.

Central Point School District officials say Lynn Scott was simply the best candidate, which is why they hired her as the next principal at Richardson.

Scott is a co-defendant in a sex abuse lawsuit against former Little Butte teacher Joel Heller. The suit says Heller molested two girls in his classroom in 2011, and also claims Scott, who was principal at Little Butte, did not adequately protect students.

Incoming District 6 Superintendent Samantha Steele said Scott made the district aware of the lawsuit during her interview for the Richardson position. The district investigated and found no proof of any wrongdoing.

They said no criminal charges were ever been brought against Scott, and the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission did not take any action. They also said the claims in the civil lawsuit should not tarnish Scott’s reputation.

“To have allegations of this manner are very concerning, I understand parents concerns, we shared those concerns throughout this process,” said Superintendent Steele.

Some Mae Richardson parents said they were concerned that the district did not inform parents of the lawsuit prior to hiring Scott. District 6 has scheduled a meeting with parents Thursday night to talk about their concerns; that meeting is scheduled for 4 p.m. at Mae Richardson Elementary.