Parents Meet With School Officials

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — A new principal addressed concerns and questions from dozens of parents who wonder if she is fit for the job and can really keep their kids safe.

Dozens of parents came out to the Mae Richardson Elementary School on Thursday evening for a meeting with school officials to voice their concerns about the future principal Lynn Scott, who is scheduled to takeover next school year.

“It was an opportunity for the district to really hear from the community and to hear from the school patrons and find out exactly what their concerns were. Any holes that might have been in the process of hiring me, came to light,” Lynn Scott said.

The main concerns from the parents, center around the fact that Scott is a co-defendant in a sex abuse lawsuit against former Little Butte teacher Joel Heller. The suit says Heller molested two girls in his classroom in 2011, and also claims Scott, who was principal at Little Butte, did not adequately protect students.

“I have a strong history of appropriately reporting to child protective service whenever there’s been an issue,” said Scott.

Some of the parents questions included why Scott was considered for the job while listed in pending litigation, and if the school district will allow their students to transfer to another school. Central Point School District officials say during the interview process, Scott was as transparent about the pending litigation as she could be.

“Mrs. Scott was real forthcoming in her interview, she talked about her litigation, her pending litigation and she could not share many details because it is ongoing,” Mike Meunier with the Central Point School District.

After a three hour of question and answer period, parents didn’t want to speak on camera, but did say the meeting opened up dialogue between parents, district leaders, and the future principal.

“At the very end of this, I got to meet a lot of parents and just talk with them,” said Scott. “Their concerns are the same as every parent’s concern, that their kids are safe and protected and get a great education and I know I can do that with them.”

It should also be noted a handful of parents from Eagle Point were also on hand in support of Scott. As of now, no future meetings between the parents and teachers have been planned, but both parents and school officials tell me that Thursday night’s meeting was a step in the right direction.


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  1. Mary Kendall says:

    We were not happy! The parents are furious at this. There was no dialoge. Parents were frustrated and leaving. Parents want our voice heard. They violated policy by hiring a principle who is under investigation by the TSPC. (no one is supposed to be hired while an investigation is ongoing). We are upset that they are not following procedures correctly. Last night they admitted to making mistakes.

    I would do an interview

    1. EPSD Parent says:

      “I have a strong history of appropriately reporting to child protective service whenever there’s been an issue,” said Scott…no she doesn’t. She should stay where she is at and the pending suit should be finalized before moving on to any position that could make other parents, teachers, staff, and even students uneasy.

  2. MRE Parent says:

    There were nearly 100 parents present, and not one parent was allowed to approach the mic to speak. We hoped this would be a meeting where we would be able to truly voice our concerns and get solid answers. Neither one of those things happened. Audience members were made to listen to the district’s hiring process of Lynn Scott, (which process was seriously flawed in that they even considered an applicant with pending litigation related to keeping children safe as a principal.) Then we were allowed to write our questions down on post-it notes which the district administrators collected and summarized and gave partial answers to. They admitted they had made mistakes in the hiring process but offered no ideas as what they would do to rectify the situation. They had no plan. It looks like the parents need to make one. Attend the School Board meeting at Scenic on April 23rd.

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