Parents Hold Counter-Picket

2-10 counter picketMEDFORD, Ore. – One group of parents is staging a counter-picket in response to the teachers.

The group, which formed through Facebook, met Monday morning outside the district headquarters holding signs urging support for the students. The organizers of the demonstration say many parents feel pressured to fully support to teachers.

They argue people should be less concerned about allegiance and more interested in doing whatever it takes to get the kids back into class.

“I think a lot of parents feel if you don’t align with the teachers then there are going to be some negative repercussions down the road,” said counter picket organizer Robert Lindbloom. “I think we need to stand up a little bit more and say, ‘we can support you still, but we would rather have our kids be in school.’”

The group held a second protest today in the afternoon. They say they hope to get greater numbers and hold more demonstrations for the duration of the strike.


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  1. John says:

    Teachers are professionals and should be paid as such. All of them have college degrees, many with master’s degree, and a few with PhDs. Their salaries and benefits should be comparable to other professionals. Education is the most important job on the planet since it prepares students for the future which effect the future of our country. Most people posting negative comments on this site are ignorant of the demands and challenges teachers face in the classroom.

    1. n says:

      I don’t know if you need a reality check about pay for professionals that work with young children and families or if I should be insulted by your insinuating that many of us who work with children and families are not professionals like you teachers. I have a master’s degree in teaching and a graduate certificate in early childhood mental health. I work with children and families dealing with poverty, mental illness, addiction, and domestic abuse. I love my job, but I will be lucky to make $40,000 when I retire. I make half of what teachers make, have benefits that are not as good as yours, and no retirement. Many of us choose to work for non-profits and know that there is no money for large salaries, but, we still consider ourselves just as professional as you. We engage in continuing education, planning, tracking development, making lesson plans,going to IFSP meetings, court and DHS reviews, and completing federal paperwork as well as working with families and children in crisis. Please understand that not all professionals make what you think they should. We measure our professional status by the good we do and not by our pay check.

      1. larry bruce says:

        Right on! I bet you work many more days than our spoiled teachers, also. Thanks for all you do.

    2. Darrel says:

      John, YOU cant GIVE what you DON’T HAVE. Money is tight in our education system. Either teachers need to find work elsewhere or suck it up and deal with situation and go back to work.

      p.s The Military are always looking for new recruits

    3. larry bruce says:

      Ignorant of the demands of teaching? You are the ones who are ignorant of supply and demand. The teachers average 45 grand a year, get 2 weeks off at Christmas, 1 week off spring break, inservice days off, all holidays off, plus all summer off. Then there is the health insurance, retirement, sick leave and I don’t know what else because the news reporters never tell that side of the story. Taxpayers don’t pay taxes to have teachers taking even more days off than they already have. Public employees should never ever be able to go on strike. How many businesses do you think could afford this? I have called the hotline 3 times and have gotten no answers, only promises to call me back with answers. None came.

      1. larry bruce says:

        My thoughts exactly!

  2. Michael Bowden says:

    School Board members cannot run this District! All of them need to be fired and a new School Board elected!!

    1. larry bruce says:

      No. Teachers need to be fired. The School Board is doing their job and it is ridiculous for people to go around trying to petition them out of office. Taxpayers are sick of paying taxes for ungrateful teachers who are paid well and get more time off than any other profession that I know. Just think how many more teachers the district could hire if the unions didn’t think all the extra money should go to existing teachers complaining about crowded classroom. Do you think the unions care about the kids? Think again

    2. mznascar says:

      No Michael, you have it backwards! The Union needs to be fired! Larry bruce said it right! Public entities striking is NOT in the best interest of the public! Unions should be out of the public sector period!

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