Parents Encouraged to Teach Fire Danger

Skate Park

MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford fire officials say fires started by juveniles are common in the summer. The boy who started a fire in Jacksonville Tuesday is not facing charges, but Medford fire says keeping your kids educated about fire danger is important.

The fire in the Jacksonville skate park burned one-hundredth of an acre Tuesday. The Medford Fire Department holds programs to teach kids about fire danger and ways to prevent them from happening.

“So we’re going out as far as educating kids in general about home safety and fire use, and in terms of what’s a good fire what’s a bad fire, those sorts of things,” the Medford Fire Public Educator, Samantha Metheny, said. “So, we hit our schools pretty hard as far as fire education goes.”

If a child is 12 or older, they can be cited with possible charges of reckless burning and even arson.