Parents Awaiting Details on Strike Plans

2-4 rob web MEDFORD, Ore. — If a strike goes into effect, about half of Medford’s schools will be closed and the ones that remain open will run two shifts — a morning and afternoon session. Which schools would close and how bus routes would run have not yet been released, which has some parents waiting to find out what the plan will be.

Karen Hatfield lives so close to Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, she can see it from her door step. Her two kids attend and it’s possible their school could be one of the schools closed during the strike, meaning her kids would have to attend one of the sessions at a different campus.

“That would be a lot of driving where it is now, we just walk to school. If we had a regular bus they would just go on that bus to the new school, but, we don’t have a bus because we live so close. I’d have to do a lot of driving,” said Hatfield.

She said a closure would definitely be inconvenient, but she supports her kid’s teachers and hopes everything is resolved soon. Superintendent Phil Long said information on bus routes and school closures will be posted on their website and communicated out when the time comes. If no agreement is reached by late Wednesday afternoon, there will be no school Thursday even if an agreement is reached at the final hour. If no agreement is reached at all by Thursday morning’s deadline, schools will be closed through Monday.

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  1. Lucy says:

    I am so disappointed in the 549C administration. They are treating the teachers like they are stupid and common criminals….if the people in the community only knew the tricks they have tried to pull…guess that is what happens though when a district that has no money hires a high priced lawyer who specializes in breaking unions. Truly I thought 549C was better than this…I WAS proud to have graduated from that district.

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