Parent-Teacher Conferences May Return

Teachers Plan PicketMEDFORD, Ore.– The Medford School District is looking to bring back parent-teacher conferences.

District Officials said the conferences were discontinued during the 2011-2012 school year because of a lack of funding. Now the three days previously lost during that time are being added back, possibly allowing for the meetings to be reinstated.

Parents were encouraged to communicate with teachers through email, phone calls, or set up meetings before or after school as needed.

Todd Bloomquist, the Director of Secondary Education said, “We see them for that period during the day, but they’re out of school for all the rest of the time and this is our time to collaborate with parents on what’s best for students”.

A survey was sent out to parents this week to see if they are in favor of bringing back the conferences. Parents have until Monday to return the surveys. The district said they will then review the data and make a decision.


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  1. chad rogers says:

    on 6-3-2014 highalnd elem. had a ,,,,p.t..a.. at 6,30 p.m. guess what no one,,,,,,,, showed up i guess that,,,,ells u how people feel about school teachers,,,

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