Parent-Teacher Conference Days Cut

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Several Rogue Valley school districts are going without parent-teacher conferences this year, and now a Medford group wants to fix that. Normally as November nears, teachers are preparing for a week of meeting one-on-one with parents. At a couple school districts, that’s changing this year.

A Medford group wants to make sure those conferences aren’t a permanent casualty of budget cuts. It’s a matter of funding and resources: to give kids more time in the classroom, something needed to be cut; in this case, parent-teacher conference days. Medford schools made the decision a year ago in the face of budget cuts.

Now, the advocacy group, “Stand For Children Oregon”, wants the district to bring them back and it’s circulating a petition asking for support, saying they are a valuable tool for parents and teachers to meet face to face. The district said it all depends on funding.

Central Point Schools have also dealt with it. Over the past four years, the district had to cut conference days, then brought them back when funding improved. This year, the district is keeping fall conferences, but has cut their spring conference days.

At the same time, it says communication between teachers and families is changing and districts across Southern Oregon say they need to keep adapting to all those changes. The Medford School District will begin negotiating with teachers next year, the current contract expires in June.