Paragliders Fly High on Father’s Day Weekend

RUCH, Ore. — Paragliders in Ruch are flying high on this Father’s Day weekend for The 10th Annual 2012 National Rat Race competition.

It’s one of the biggest events in the world with about 250 flyers. Onlookers could see the sky sailers from Long Sword Vineyard this afternoon. The paragliders started atop Woodrat Mountain.

The national champion will be crowned at the end of this week. The winner will join a team of four to fly in the world paragliding competition.

“Well it’s beautiful to see 175 plus pilots in the air at one time in a small area because we can fly very close to each other, it looks like a swam of bees,” organizer Mike Hayley said.

Woodrat Mountain has been called one of the 25 best paragliding sites on Earth.