Panel Drafting Rules for Medical Pot

Medical MarijuanaASHLAND, Ore. — A committee made up of lawmakers, law enforcement officials and marijuana advocates are looking deeper into Oregon’s existing medical marijuana law and wanting more transparency.

Committee members met in Salem last week. They are reviewing House Bill 3460, the existing law on dispensaries. They say the law is very broad.

They’re discussing everything from where dispensaries can legally operate to having stricter rules when it comes to transferring marijuana from growers to dispensaries.

Representative Peter Buckley, an Ashland Democrat says he’s hoping the new rules will open the door for more dispensaries to operate and for more patients to get their medicine.

The committee is also looking at how many dispensaries can operate in a given population.

They plan to meet at least three more times. They will have to complete a draft of that bill by December 1st for the new rules to take effect March 2014.