Packages Stack Up on Busiest Day of Year

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MEDFORD, Ore. — During a typical day in the summertime, the UPS store in Medford sees about 50 packages. Tuesday, on what is considered the busiest shipping day of the year, they blew well past 5 times that many.

Iowne Ray made homemade Christmas gifts for friends and family and gave herself a deadline of the 17th to get them in the mail.

“I worked quite a while on the homemade gifts to send, so I want to make sure they enjoy it on the day they should,” said Ray.

Ray isn’t the only one with a deadline of the 17th. The day is considered to be the busiest day of the year by UPS store employees and is one they prepare for.

“Get a lot of sleep. Drink a lot of coffee and understand that a lot of these people, it’s their first time coming through to a UPS store,” said UPS store manager Randall Harris.

Nearly 400 packages had been collected and drivers made multiple stops throughout the day to take in as many as they could with some even making special arrangements during the peak time of year.

“The driver last night picked up so many packages, we couldn’t find room for his cart. He and I played Tetris in the back of his truck for about 5 or 10 minutes trying to find room and it couldn’t fit,” said Harris.

Harris estimates about 250 of the packages were packed either entirely or in part by his staff which gives them a special feeling as if they were Saint Nick himself.

“It literally is being Santa Claus just all of the little hands and little people who are going to open all of these great presents that I got to play some small part in actually getting to them and packing up,” said Harris.