Pacifica Victims Get Door-to-Door Visits

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WILLIAMS, Ore. – Fire crews are slowly withdrawing as cleanup work wraps up from the Pacifica Fire.

Fifty firefighters from the Department of Forestry remained in Williams today, but now the focus switches from ODF to local fire departments, and from cleanup to customer service.

“I’m just concerned about the citizens and making sure they’re happy with our performance and everything,” said Williams Fire District Chief Mike Kuntz. “I know there was a lot of devastation and it was pretty chaotic the day of the fire.”

Kuntz is stopping at four or five priority homes that received the most damage, and as many random homes as he can fit in.

The Tangney’s home is one of those priority stops.

After the family evacuated they came back to see their garage destroyed, along with the Corvette and Chevrolet Suburban that were inside.

“It was difficult, but our house was still there. Everybody’s house on the street is still here, so that’s good to see,” said resident Nathan Tangney.

Tangney says he was less surprised to see the garage destroyed than he was to see the house perfectly untouched.

“Being that there’s a propane tank right behind out house, and that was where the fire was coming from, I guess you could say that we were glad that the houses were there,” said Tangney. “It being a propane tank, it could have damaged more houses as well.”

He says a Corvette isn’t exactly an easy thing to lose, but both it and the Suburban are covered by insurance.

For now, he says he’s doing what many of the residents in Williams are doing – cleaning the smoke and fire damage, and checking in on their neighbors.