Pacifica Fire Forces Evacuations

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WILLIAMS, Ore. — Traffic backed up and some were left stranded as roads leading into an evacuated area were closed off while crews battled the fire. Some had seen the flames, packed up, and left for safer ground.

“What happened was that it was really spreading out really pretty quickly and it was coming up over the trees but the planes came and retardant it and was able to get it stopped but we wanted to get the horses out to safety,” Said Darren Manning as he evacuated his home.

Shortly before seven, as fire crews began to have the fire three quarters contained, evacuated residents were able to get back to their homes as long as they showed proof they lived in that area.

“It looks like the problem’s been solved, so we’re not in eminent danger so they said that we can go,” said Manning.

Fire officials said evacuations have been lifted but some residents should be on stand by.

“If they are in jeopardy of being evacuated, they probably know by now. they are allowing people that live in the community to go back in if they have i.d. that shows they live in the area,” said Rural/Metro Fire spokesperson Jes Webb.

The Red Cross set up a disaster relief center at the Josephine County Fairgrounds. They said six people came through with pets in hand. Volunteers said they will be open through Friday night.

“We’re going to leave the shelter open tonight so in case people need do have to evacuate, they can come back down here,” said Brian Anderson Red Cross Volunteer.

They said they are prepared to handle any evacuees even of the four legged variety.

“Just show up and we’ll take care of ya. We’ve got cots, we’ve got blankets, places for some animals now. We have food, we have water,” said Anderson.