Oxygen Mask Made for Animals

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GREENSPRINGS, Ore. — Thanks to a Klamath Falls company, the Greenspring Rural Fire District now has the tools to save pets and livestock who may suffer smoke injuries in a fire.

The Invisible Fence Company is part of what is known as “Project Breathe,” oxygen masks that can fit over the muzzle of cats and dogs, cows and horses and other animals are being donated around the region.

Greensprings veterinarian Gail Colbern says she will be training the districts firefighters how to use the masks.

“What we can do if the animal is still breathing, we can simply come up to the animal and take the mask, and slip it over his nose. We get a nice tight seal on the mask and he’s able to breathe the oxygen in,” explained Colbern.

A larger mask, made simply from a Clorox bottle, is used to bring oxygen to a cow or horse or other large animal who has suffered smoke inhalation, perhaps from a barn or wildfire.