Overnight House Fire In Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — A house on west Medford on Chestnut Street is a total loss after a fire that occured around 3:00 a.m. on Friday.

Fire officials say when crews from Medford Fire and Fire District 3 arrived, they found the home fully involved. Officials say the home was occupied and it appeared the smoke detectors did not work, but the neighbors alerted the occupant who was able to escaped unharmed.

Officials say they do not think this fire is related to the string of recent arson incidents in the area. NewsWatch12 was informed that the Red Cross has been notified to help the occupant who lost their home and belongings.

Medford Fire will continue to investigate this fire.

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  1. Linda says:

    I live two blocks west of Chestnut. I got up to go the restroom about 3:09. I heard someone screaming and when I was looking outside to see where it was coming from I noticed the fire. I considered calling 911 but I figured that the sirens probably woke me up and figured fire crews were on scene. I couldn’t tell exactly where the fire was either. I watched from my back door for several minutes before the actual sirens were heard meaning fire fighters were on the way. I was concerned because of the sparks that were flying. I could tell that a tree was burning by the popping noise. Then I saw flames shoot high in the sky. After that is when I heard the sirens. We are only 3 blocks from the fire station. I don’t understand why it took so long for someone to call 911. Just seems like neighbors would’ve called before or after they got the people out. ????

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