Over 30 Arrests in Klamath County

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KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — More than 300 law enforcement officers served arrest warrants in Klamath County on Wednesday morning in what officials are calling one of the largest operations ever done in Southern Oregon.

Officials began serving the warrants early Wednesday morning. State, federal and local law enforcement teamed up to carry out the operation.

At 3 a.m., Operation Trojan Horse began in Klamath County as law enforcement spread throughout the county making more than 30 arrests in connection with what officials call “a large and violent drug trafficking organization.”

The suspects were brought to the Klamath Falls Police Station and kept at a temporary holding area before being transported to the jail. In total, more than 30 arrests, 4 pounds of meth and 25 guns were seized.

This investigation has been months long and a result of the work of several agencies. Officials say there is evidence that connects the Klamath meth ring to Mexican drug cartels. Klamath county Sheriff Frank Skrah says, as a result of this drug bust, not just the county, but all of Southern Oregon is a safer place.

“We don’t want these kind of people here, bringing their poison here is not welcome and we’re going to discourage it,” said Sheriff Skrah.

Many of the suspects appeared in court Wednesday afternoon for their arraignment and charges ranged from racketeering to unlawful delivery of methamphetamine. The district attorney said the Oregon Department of Justice was going to take on all racketeering charges to help lighten the load for the county.

The suspects arrested in Wednesday morning’s operation are currently in the Klamath County Jail, because the jail was already near capacity. “Pod C” of the jail had to be opened to accommodate all of the additions.

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