Out & About – Ashland Art Walk

MEDFORD, Ore. — It’s the ultimate generation gap straight from the era of classical music. “Amadeus” is a tale of breathtaking dramatic power.

In the court of the Austrian emperor Josef in the late 17-hundreds, Antonio Salieri is the established composer. Salieri has given himself to God in the hope of realizing his sole ambition, to be a great composer.

Enter the greatest musical mind of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – a graceless oaf whose musical genius is beyond Salieri’s envious grasp. The play features the music of Mozart, Salieri and other composers of the era.

“Amadeus” runs through February 24. Contact the Camelot Theatre box office for ticket information.

The 3rd annual Rogue Valley Health Fair is bringing together 80 of the area’s top health-related experts and businesses.

Get advice, sample products, and have some simple health screenings performed at the Medford armory, Saturday from 9 to 4.

Admission is either a $2 donation to Sparrow Clubs or 2 cans of food which will be donated to access.

It’s a delight for all the senses at the Ashland First Friday Art Walk. Take in visually stunning art at galleries throughout Ashland’s historical downtown and railroad districts. Listen to live music and indulge in tasty treats.

The First Friday Art Walk is from 5 to 8 p.m.