OSU Brothers Continue 1,600-Mile Journey

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. –  On July 7, Jeremiah and Isaiah Godby started running. On September 7, they’ll stop, but during those two months the Godby brothers will travel over 1,600 miles crossing 30 Oregon counties. On Sunday the Oregon State students were in Jackson County taking a pit stop at the Butte Creek Mill. Jeremiah and Isaiah are both students in OSU’s School of Public Health and Sciences. They’re doing the 61-day trek to raise awareness for the school but more importantly for health and fitness. The Godby brothers are stopping at the OSU Extension Office in each county encouraging local people to eat a healthy diet and get out. This is the third time they’ve done a run like this in the last four years, but the brothers still encounter certain challenges.

“It’s almost mentally draining, not just physically but mentally. Just trying to get up and run every day besides all the training we did,” Isaiah Godby said. “That’s the hardest part, just taking the first couple steps in the morning, but once we do that, we just keep up the momentum and keep going. We’re burning like 6,000-8,000 calories every day.”

“We’ve had to run through a lot of pain,” Jeremiah Godby said, “but now the more running we’ve done actually, I’ve been getting in better shape. There’s no time to be tired right now. It’s time to, to keep on pushing.”

It helps to have your brother pushing you. The Godby’s say they’ll occasionally talk during the runs, sometimes listen to music and sometimes tell each other to shut up. The two brothers say they do get along great though, and it’s developed into a whole lot more than a partnership.

“Having a partner there is great,” Isaiah Godby said, “but having your brother there who knows you, who you can talk about whatever with. To have somebody there who’s running side by side with you is a lot of help.”

“Me and my brother have a great relationship,” Jeremiah Godby said. “Me and my brother are pretty close in years, and me and my brother just really try to bounce off each other’s energy.

The brothers will be at the Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center in Klamath Falls at 3:00 PM on Monday.  They’ll get a chance to talk with the president of Oregon State at that event.