OSP Offering Reward Against Poachers

MEDFORD, Ore. — Oregon State Police is asking for your help to catch several poachers in the area.

Troopers found a headless elk left on rancheria road in the butte falls area several weeks ago. In a second incident, two elk were found near Butte Falls Highway. That same day troopers found two black-tailed bucks dumped on Savage Creek Road near the Rogue River.

State police is offering a reward up to $500 in the elk incident and $250 in the deer cases. OSP says every bit of information helps.

“It really makes a big differfence, cause obviously we can’t be everywhere all the time. Quite often, somebody may have seen something. Even just a license plate might lead to an arrest,” said Sgt. Kirk Meyer of OSP.

If you have any information contact Oregon State Police by calling (541)-276-2121