OSP Investigates Explosive Devices

REMOTEC F6BMEDFORD, Ore. — Investigating an explosive device like the one found at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office is not uncommon for Oregon State Police. The departments deals with dozens of suspicious and explosive devices found across Southern Oregon.

This past year,  the department found about 10 suspicious devices, 19 explosive ones, five incendiary devices and over a dozen military explosives. The department seized hundreds of pounds of high-explosives and other equipment used to make those explosives go off.

OSP is not going into detail where these devices were found ,but to investigate them it takes a special team.  There are four people who make up the bomb squad. The investigators are required to get training with the FBI and do separate monthly trainings.

The bomb squad has a robot it can use during investigations called Remotec F6B, but it was not used during the investigation at the DA’s office.