OSP Demonstrates Skid Test

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MEDFORD, Ore. — In the last 48 hours, Oregon State Police troopers have been responding to nearly a dozen crashes related to the weather in Southern Oregon.

Oregon State Police has two reconstructionists in the Jackson and Josephine County areas. On Thursday, one of the troopers showed NewsWatch 12 how they determine the speed of a driver before a crash. This speed test is usually used for crashes that have serious injuries or even fatalities.

Trooper Josh Quick says he usually runs what they call a “skid test” three times to get a consistent number. By using an accelerometer attached to his car, the trooper can measure the speed and the distance it took to stop the car.

Trooper quick says they’re also able to use what’s called a “total station”, as an additional tool that’s paired with a program to evaluate a crash. OSP’s reconstructionists also go and help other agencies if they need to evaluate a crash.

Troopers say weather does have an impact for crashes, but most of the crashes are by human error. So, OSP says now’s the time to check your brakes and tires.